Who We Are

Andrew Abbott

Unlike many children Andrew wasn’t a picky eater growing up. He comes from a gastronauticaly mixed background. His dad brought him up eating copious canned meats from spam to sardines. His mom, on the other hand, had taught herself to cook after getting sick of dad’s culinary skills. His specialty was liver and onions. His mom would continue on to work several catering jobs and eventually have her own independent catering service for a while. She would pass along what she knew to Andrew. Andrew loves food. He loves cooking and creating it as much as he does eating it. There aren’t many things he wont eat or try to eat at least once. (Especially if it’s on a dare…Or there’s money involved!) Andrew also likes to use his background in both illustration and animation to help the blog look pretty! You can find more of his work here: TheAbbsMan.com

C. Ché Salazar

Ché was born in 1986 to a world of food. His parents own a catering business, his grandmother used to reminisce about eating pig’s feet and blood in her youth, and the only thing his grandfathers liked more than eating was watching their grandchildren eat. He inevitably inherited this passion for everything edible. His other great love is writing. Instead of choosing one or the other, he decided to become a Gastronaut and start up a poly-amorous household with both. Welcome to it.

Christina Xu

While you were eating Gerber carrots and applesauce, Christina’s parents fed her hand-mashed octopi and seaweed because that’s what you do in (the southeastern coastal region of) communist China. As a result, she ain’t scared of NOTHIN’. At the age of 7, she was violently separated from fresh seafood due to her relocation to Columbus, OH, but was at least introduced to new culinary delights like Graeter’s ice cream, pizza, and cream puffs from Trader Joe’s. She is an omnivore who expresses her love through spontaneous cooking and enjoys eating out at nonfancy inexpensive restaurants with huge portions of amazing food. She eats more food than is socially acceptable, and the only thing you’ll probably never catch her ordering in a restaurant is salad.

The Gastronauts’ Shadow Army Includes:

  • Katrina Thorne
  • Mike Steele
  • Mike Eidlin
  • Remeike Forbes
  • Joe Botsch
  • Mina Sanwald

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