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Yuca Fries with Habanero Cheese Sauce


It’s been a while but don’t think the Boston Gastronauts are down for the count. We’re back and we’ve brought another quick and easy recipe to impress your friends, and the ladies. Today we’ve made some fresh yuca fries. While at the local Asian market with my buddy Paul we found some really great looking yuca that I snatched right up. After digesting some delicious Vietnamese subs we had for lunch and sitting down to finally catch up on the season premier of the Walking Dead I set to the task of prepping for the meal.

I chopped the yuca into more manageable pieces and then went about peeling off the tree bark like skin. After that I set it to soak in a pot of cold salted water for a few minutes before bringing it to a boil. When it’s bubbling bring it down and let it simmer for like 15-20 minutes. You don’t want to see too much solid white meat on the yuca it should have a more translucent quality coming out of the pot. From there cut it into roughly 1/8″ thick fry shaped pieces to fry up. Let the yuca sit to dry for about 5 minutes before frying it.

Have another pot ready with about an 1″1/2 cooking oil in it heated to around 350. Let the yuca sit in the oil for a couple minutes until they start to look a little gold and crispy. Fry the yuca in a few batches to avoid clumping and let the fried yuca drain off excess oil over some paper towels. when ready you can add salt or other seasoning to taste.

As for the sauce it’s going to have a cheese base. So start with some “Mexican” cheese. Blend it together with 1/2 cup of half and half, one crushed clove of garlic, 1/4 table spoon chili powder, 1/4 table spoon black pepper, 11/2 tablespoon tomato paste. If you have fresh habaneros chop some up and throw those in there too. I used a combo of different hot sauces here in the apartment to bring some heat. It really depends on hot spicy you like it. Then mix all that together in a food processor until it has the consistency you’re looking for, and there ya go.



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