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In the Kitchen w/ Andrew (& his Mom!)

So as a promised before I decided that most of everything prepared for the next post was going to have bacon involved. Therefore over this past Easter weekend when my parents came up to visit my mom helped me to prepare a feat of epic proportions While she was shopping for the usual holiday fare I managed to sneak some gastronautical goodies into the cart. I found Austrailian goat, escargot, cuttlefish in ink, and quail eggs. I grabbed all that stuff without knowing exactly what I was going to do with it when I got it back home but we managed to improvise a pretty sick meal out of it. And by “sick” i mean really good like how the young kids say it nowadays because it’s clever. We would wind up making curry candied goat and bacon strips, escargot wrapped in puff pastry with garlic, bacon, and provolone cheese,  and quail eggs with bacon and sweet chili sauce.


Most of the prep for this stuff was pretty simple. Goat can be a tough meat so I went all Freddy Kruger on it and trimmed off all the gooey fat and separated all the bones and gristle. After that I added a little meat tenderizer, curry powder, and brown sugar and tossed it in the oven with some bacon and it was good to go. The quail eggs needed to be soaked for a little while in a half water half vinegar solution and then hard boiled for five minutes. Then we just peeled them and split them. We added some sweet chili sauce on top to “glue” our bacon down tight. The escargot came in a can so it was pretty simple to drain it and wrap it in the puff pastry. We sprinkled a little garlic powder on them and added some bacon and provolone cheese on top and popped them in the oven with the goat. A few minutes later everything came out looking/ tasting delicious!


Now with the cuttle fish we didn’t really end up doing anything with it cause it looked like this:

We couldn’t really find a way to wrap it in bacon or anything fun like that so I just kind of snacked on it while we cooked. It’s alot like any other kind of canned fish/squid/octopus you might encounter. The taste and texture is between the fishiness of tuna and the gumminess of squid or octopus. It’s not at all bad considering it looks like this thing was recovered from the BP oil spill. The ink didn’t really have much of an “inky” taste but after sitting out for a while a red oily liquid pooled around the black meat seemingly from out of nowhere. I’d like to think it was the cuttlefish’s way of communicating with us from beyond the grave, but I’m probably wrong. Either way it tasted fine. I would say i was actually decently surprised how tame the taste was for black canned fish stuff.

My mom also made her world famous Scotch Eggs while she was up to visit. Not anything too crazy just crazy delicious. We take five or six good size eggs and hard boil them. We peel off the shells and then wrap the eggs with breakfast sausage. From here we could have possibly wrapped them again in a layer of delicious bacon but alas it wasn’t meant to be since we were all out and were experiencing a serious bacon drought in the area apparently. From here we fry of the eggs on the oven until they are golden brown and delicious. And there you have a super awesome, super simple, next level breakfast maneuver

Until next time fellow Gastronauts. Keep eating what you don’t understand… or something!



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In the Kitchen with Andrew 3rd Edition


Borrowing something I saw on Epic Meal Time. I thought it would be cool to try out some breakfast ravioli.  Now seeing as it was just myself and I was fixing breakfast this morning before I headed into work I figured I’d dumb it down and work with what I had readily available. I thought I was going to at least have some sausage at my disposal but when I opened them up there was only but musty green dust swirling around the bottom of the box. God knows how long those things must have been sitting in our fridge for that kind of transformation to occur. After that shocking discovery I regained my kitchen composure and began to improvise. I had already decided that I was going to try and do one with cream cheese and jalapenos which I already had out but then I thought: what else would go good stuffed into french toast ravioli? I ran back upstairs and got a banana and some peanut butter. I also grabbed the cottage cheese and peaches I had gotten at the store the other day. So these are the three ingredients I would stuff in my breakfast ravioli. From here I grabbed the loaf of bread and began de-crusting six pieces to make the “pasta” part. (I didn’t want to waste any bread so at the same time I used those crusts and made some croutons by just melting some butter and tossing them with some Italian seasoning and garlic and throwing them in the oven for 10-15 minutes.)

I would apply the filling to one side and then sandwich them together and seal up the ravioli with a fork on both sides to make sure they’re good and tight. I just used white bread but I imagine it would be good with like a cinnamon raisin bread too. Your choice. Anyways from there I had a basic french toast egg dip (eggs, cinnamon sugar, maple syrup, vanilla extract all mixed together) already set and I coated the the raviolis and fried them up on the stove. They held together fine and ended up tasting delicious. All together it only took about a half hour and I still had plenty of time to get ready for work. So this week we just have a short little post about a quick and easy breakfast recipe which is also fun cause you can put just about anything you want in these things. Go ahead and try it out for yourselves! And to the guys at Epic Meal Time I apologize for the lack of copious meats (bacon) and boozahol (jack) included in this recipe, but thanks for giving me the idea! I promise though next time EVERYTHING will be wrapped in bacon, even the bacon.

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