In the Kitchen with Andrew (part 2 AKA the Bonus Round)

So as much as I wanted to include both these in one post I thought better since they don’t really seem to have much in common. Plus they occurred weeks apart. I wanted to share an impromptu creation story. So a few days back while remarking on the facebooks that all I had eaten that day was blood oranges and pistachios my nephew Dan, an awesome chef and honorary Gastronaut, said I should make salsa. As soon as I read that my brain exploded. I suddenly got really excited. I had endeavored to make salsa a year or so ago at christmas kind of as a gag gift to give out. I ended up making several jars of it and surprisingly everyone really liked it. Since then i’ve always wanted to try my hand at it again. I had even gotten one of those silly chopping implements you always see being sold on TV. The only difference was I got it for only one easy payment of five bucks at a store down the street. I only ever got to enjoy chopping the heck out of poor helpless veggies once. I wanted to get my monies worth so of course I was going to do this again. Seeing as I had planned to have some friends over for St. Pats I decided it would be a perfect opportunity to test out my creation. Wether it was good or bad I would find out from several of my closest friends because they’re honest and I trust their opinions.

Surprisingly everyone really seemed to like it, and I dare say it was the hit of the party. The only thing that could have made it any better was if it was more green to match just about everything else that night. I’ve seen other citrus or fruit based salsas and in fact I absolutely love mango salsa, but this was totally different. I was surprised with how it came out and especially surprised with how easy it was to put together. It made just about the perfect amount for a handful of people. I think what scared me away from making salsa for so long was that I made like a metric ton of it the last time and by the end of that process I never wanted to look at/eat salsa again. This time around it was quick and easy like a sleazy track star and I was more excited to actually try what I had just created. I think what won me over specifically was the combo of salty and sweet between the oranges and the pistachios. I’ve mentioned before I love the salty/sweet combo and it really shows here again, and you can definitely taste it with the right balance of both ingredients.

Because I love you all so very much I am going to share with you the super top secret recipe that I sort of cobbled together. I give Dan the credit for inspiring me to bring this to fruition, but I embellished a little on his original salsa starter ingredients. So here it is:

The Boston Gastronauts Blood Orange and Pistachio Salsa:

2 Blood Oranges

2-4 handfulls of Pistachios

1/2 a Red Onion

1/2 a Green Pepper

3-4 Jalapeno Peppers (I can’t remember if I did 3 or 4)

1 Medium Tomato

Some simple syrup

Aaaaand last but not least just a pinch of AWESOME!

Everything’s pretty much diced and thrown together and mixed up at the end, and there ya have it. A whole bowl fulla’ yummy!


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