Happy Anniversary + Saus: Belgian Street Food in Boston!

The Resturant:


33 Union Street

Boston MA 02108

617 248 8835


So here we are a year later and the Boston Gastronauts surge forward into a new year of gastronomical adventures. Most recently I had the privilege of attending the soft opening of a neat new restaurant in the area. It’s called Saus and it brings a unique blend of American and European styles to two very familiar food stuffs. They serve Belgian pommes frites and Liége waffels. Can’t say I’ve seen many french fry and waffle places in my time, and this being my first exposure to it it left quite the impression.
A new friend from work had invited me along to check out his friends new restaurant. Sharing the fact that I was a food blogger he quickly filled me in on the details of what I could expect from Saus. We got a little turned around on the train but eventually found ourselves at the Haymarket stop and walked right over. It’s located right near the Union Oyster House just down Union street. We walk in and immediately see that the space itself is unique. It’s small but tall so its a nice cozy space. A long dark wooden bench lines the far side of the restaurant. The design is pretty cool. There are mirrors, which really open the space up, and the far wall is decorated in a grid of Tin Tin comics, which is an awesome touch. Then there are photos of Bruges and Boston on the other side. So far I haven’t eaten anything and I’m already impressed. It just looks so cool!
I’m introduced to Chin, Tanya, and Renee, three of the big brains behind this operation. They give me a quick run down on a few things but they’re all really busy getting things together and keeping things running smoothly, so they were running all over the place. I order some fries and a waffle and prepare for my mind to be blown. There was a pretty quick turnaround from my order so I didn’t hafta’ wait long, which is always awesome.
With my fries I get the vampire slayer sauce. This place is all about their gourmet sauce selections if you didn’t already gather. The vampire slayer is a mayo based sauce infused with a whole buncha’ garlic-y goodness. I was also given some of the Cheddar and Duvel Ale sauce, which is like a beer and cheese sauce. That was also pretty amazing. With both of those I also snagged some house ketchup. I mean what are fries without ketchup really? I’m a secret ketchup crazy, too, so don’t tell anyone. I was one of those kids who put it on everything growing up. I’m not as bad nowadays but this ketchup that they make from scratch right there in house might just have re-ignited a tomato based psychosis. Heinz best look out cause this stuff is good with a capital “G”. I find most ketchups off the shelf are either too salty or too sweet, but theirs finds a really good balance of both.
Fries: crispy, golden, and delicious. Check! Sauce: above and beyond any other sauce I’ve encountered in any restaurant in my twenty three years on this planet. Check! Now I’m about to dive into my waffle. I had no idea what I was in for, and nothing could prepare me for what I was about to taste. I got my waffle with the salted caramel sauce. It was incredible. Pretty much easily the most delicious waffle I’ve had in my entire life. I know I’m saying a lot of really bold things in this blog entry but I honestly need everyone reading to know I’m serious. After a long time having fries and waffles they become one of those things you tend to take for granted. You might even get sick of them after a while. Even if you did though I have no doubt in my mind that coming to Saus and trying their food will rekindle a deep love for both. This waffle, my god, it was like the perfect combination of salty and sweet. It’s like the most perfect chocolate covered pretzel but more like a creme brulee.
So yeah it was pretty darn good. Now I just gotta’ find the time to get back there and try some more of what they have to offer. They have a bunch of different sauces, and rotating weekly special sauces which is neat cause there are so many different combos to try. I was also psyched to see they are also going to be having Poutine. I myself have never seen that anywhere outside of Canada. Now that it’s only a hop on the T away I’m worried at the potential of gaining back all the weight I’ve lost recently, but it just might be worth it.

On a side note Boston Restaurant week is coming up. It’s more like two weeks (March 6-11, and 13-18 2011), but yea if anyone would like to join us in possibly checking out/ reviewing some of the participating restaurants just give us a headsup and shoot us an e-mail at thebostongastronauts@gmail.com! You could possibly land a guest spot on your very favorite Boston food blog, and who wouldn’t jump at the chance for that right??


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