Crepes in Brookline

The Resturant:

The Paris Creperie

278 Harvard St
Brookline, MA 02446

(617) 232-1770


Andrew’s Take:

Crepes! Sweet Jesus, how have I, a founding member of the Boston Gastronauts, never  engulfed them before? I’ve been told possibly as a wee child crepes may have in fact once graced my mouth hole, but I really can’t recall. So flash forward to twenty something years later. A new friend introduces me to Paris Creperie in Brookline. Before this I’ve only ever watched someone eat crepes, and that person was in fact Ché. For I had already eaten or had other dinner plans, I can’t rightly remember, and was just there to enjoy the wonderful company of a man called Ché. Sustenance enough for some, or so I hear.

So here I am at the creperie with no idea what to expect. I’m told they’re like pancakes. This is another case where I see one thing in my head and am presented with something wholly different. We came to the conclusion that they’re kind of like the unholy love child of a pancake and a tortilla. In essence a French burrito if you will.. Now I’ve encountered the classic Mexican burrito, the Greek burrito, and even Indian burritos, which are all quite tasty, but French Burrito feels like some kind of oxymoron. Yet they are indeed quite tasty.

I myself had the steak and cheese crepe which, as you can imagine, was filled to the brim with deliciousness. (I don’t know if they technical term for the edge of a crepe is “brim” but just go with me on it for now.) This included steak, cheese of an unknown yet awesome variety, green peppers, onions, and mushrooms all neatly presented in one of these nifty crepes. Everything in the crepe was extremely fresh. Even the mushrooms looked like they had just been cut to order. The unique thing about this take on the wrapped sandwich is I feel like I was able to easily taste each individual ingredient included without having to go out of my way to separate them. It’s the polar opposite of our experience with the Fat Sandwiches we’ve encountered before where it becomes one big cheesy, greasy, fried mess in your mouth. With the crepes I could in fact tell what I had in every bite.  Now this might not be as bizarre as some of the fare we usually encounter on here and some of you loyal readers might go out for crepes every day of the week, but for some this might be considered a unique and foreign taste in, on , or around the city of Boston. Especially for me being my first time devouring crepes it was a new experience, and that’s what the Boston Gastronauts are all about!

So in conclusion I want to say thanks to my friend Nell for finally introducing me to crepes and I say crepes = awesome, and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for something different but not too whacky. I mean we’re not talking about more cat food here people, but then again there’s technically nothing stopping me from making my own crepes to fill with cat food, and mailing one to Ché. A crepe could probably fit in one of those flat rate envelopes right?


(Special note: Stay tuned in March for our one year anniversary blog extravaganza where in I get to review a cool new restaurant in Boston!)


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