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Braaaaains! in Brighton.

That’s right ladies and germs we finally did it. We found a place that had brains on the menu. Goat brains to be exact! Read on if you dare!

The Restaurant:

Darbar Resturant

130 N Beacon St

Brighton, MA 02135

(617) 779-8800


Andrew’s Take:

After finding out that the nearby Indian restaurant served a goat brain masala my Gastronaut senses were tingling. It had been a while since anything different or unique had found its way into my diet, and brains had always been at the top of my gastronautical wish list so I trudged through the snow left by this most recent blizzard and got me some grey matter. The last time I was at the Darbar Restaurant the waitress was very excited at the prospect of me eating brains, but alas instead I went and ordered the goat curry which was also delicious but bummed the waitress out considerably. This time around I was determined to get the Magaz Masala (what it’s called on the menu), but when I arrived the restaurant was deader than Elvis. The snow must have been keeping the people away that night because this place usually does pretty well and the food is generally very tasty, but I was the only person there. It must have been a really slow day because the same waitress was pretty uninterested by my order and the whole thing was pretty anti-climactic.

Going on these missions alone proves to be a bit disappointing since it’s always nice to have someone there who might not totally be into the nights highlighted fare. It’s times like these when I miss my partner in crime Ché, but he’s now onto bigger and tastier things conquering the city of brotherly love being our interstate correspondent as the fist Philadelphia Gastronaut. We’ll most likely be hearing from him as soon as he settles in and finds something interesting to put in his pie-hole. Until then let me tell you a little something about these tasty brains.

The dish itself is a mash of brains, goat meat, tomatoes, jalapenos, and other vegetables. It’s not like you’re just staring down a whole goats brain and it’s not being served straight from the animals skull a la Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom. Though that would be pretty B.A. Masala itself means mixture so, of course, like I said, it’s a mashed up mixture of all these ingredients with herbs and spices and all that good stuff, and boy was this stuff spicy. Not too spicy either. In fact, I’d go as far to say the porridge was just right that night. Although it was mixed pretty well you could still pick out some fatty yellow hunks of brain here and there which was perfect for me since I really wanted to zero in on the brain itself for a proper tasting.

The brain itself has a fatty/pasty texture with a meaty (goaty) flavor to it. It reminded me of something I had eaten recently but couldn’t quite put my finger on, but it was definitely on the tip of my tongue (HA!). I eventually came to the conclusion that it had a similar consistency to gnocchi or Italian potato dumplings. Like some kind of firm mashed potato-ey meat thing. Sounds like a great band name. Unfortunately the brain also gave me flash back to our adventures with cat food in that it stuck to my teeth a bit, but it wasn’t nearly as distracting or unpleasant as it was with the cat food. I’d definitely say that brain is a welcome alternative to cat food any day.

The brain (magaz) masala itself was a delicious dish. It was nice and spicy and it went perfectly served with the rice and naan I had ordered along side of it. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking to try something really different yet strangely familiar It’s not as icky and weird as you might think if it’s prepared right. In fact it even re-heated just fine. I can say I survived eating microwaved brains for lunch the other day. Now for those afraid of diseases related to the consumption of the brain and or nerve tissue of animals I wouldn’t really put to much thought into it. So far so good. I feel fine and don’t seem to be suffering any ill effects or showing any signs of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease or any other prion related afflictions. I’d say the goat brains at the Darbar Restaurant in Brighton pass Boston Gastronaut inspection and receive the seal of approval!


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