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Vietnamese Head Cheese Subs in Chinatown!

Well over a month or so ago Ché and I managed to fit this stop in our recently more increasingly busy schedules. Sorry for the delay in posts we know you all are just as “hungry” as we are for new content… Pun intended!

The Resturant:

Sub City

42 Beach St

Boston MA 02111



(The sub shop itself is located inside the Avana Market Place)


Andrew’s Take:

A little while back Ché and I headed back on down to Chinatown after Ché’s previous discovery of a place that had amazing Vietnamese sub sandwhiches. What picced out interest the most was the option of having head cheese on your sandwhich. Headcheees for those not in the know is the bits and pieces of an animal left over after being butchered. These pieces are left to sit in lye to seperate from the bone and other crunchy bits and then all that extra meat is suspended in a gelatin and that meaty jello is what we call headcheese. I’m sure there’s a much more scientific or just plain appropriate way of describing that process but I aint no headcheeseologist so thats that best I can do off the cuff.

I have several fond memories of headcheese as a child. Not necessairly eating it as much as I would always wind up being entranced by it at the local grocery store as a child. There was a huge hunk of it sitting behind the glass at the deli down the street from my house, and my mom and I would always check it out. I used to get grossed out when she’d ask me to see if I saw any eyeballs in it. I never saw any, but who knows maybe I just missed em. I swear in all the times I’d been to that store growing up I never saw that hunk of head cheese move or change in any way. For all I know they could be sitting on a block of headcheese that’s twenty something years old by now. That would be kind of cool and disturbing.

Back to the sandwhiches. We went to a tiny place called Sub City. They were doing pretty good business when we got there and when we were leaving they gave us a business card and said we should call in our order next time if we didn’t want to wait. It wasn’t that long of a wait either they are expert sandwhich assembelers and got us fed rather quickly. The sandwhiches themselves were amazing. Everything was so fresh and flavorfull. I guess what makes these subs different from what you can get at any old Subway, besides the headcheese, is that they are stuffed full of fresh veggies. You would probably have to consult Ché on the identity of some of these greens, but I deffinately saw some carrots in there. There’s also the option to go spicy. I don’t know exactly what they put on there but it deffinately brings the heat. So if your not into spicy things you might want to avoid it, but if you dig it I say go for it and tempt the fates.

Another awesome thing about these subs was the bread. Anyone who knows sandwhiches out there knows that a sub is only as good as the bread it’s built on. Let me tell you this roll was incredible. It was a perfect blend of crunchy and flakey on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside. If we had been in Philly and this was a steak sandwhich on this roll I would have been in heaven. Don’t get me wrong these subs were incredible too but there’s just something to be said for the perfect Cheese Steak sub.

On to the headcheese itself. All together the sandwhich presented me with a unique flavor and texture combination. The ammount of veggies on this thing was intense but adding that to the bologna-y jello-y texture of the headcheese and you’ve got something interesting going on in your mouth. So while all these ingredients fit together to make an excelent sandwhich when I went in to try some of the headcheese by itself I really wasn’t into it. It was a little too much for me texture and taste wise and looking at it brought back all those fond memories. At the end Che and I both had a little headcheese left so we fed it to the birds and they seemed to really like it.

The best part about this place and these sandwhiches, like most things in Chinatown, is that they’re incredibly afforable. You’re not going to be breaking the bank on three dollar sandwhiches. In this economy we gotta’ take cheap eats where we can find em. As long as it’s not in a dumpster. I recommend this place to all sandwhich afficianados and sub buffs in the area. Go for it. Go spicy, and get the headcheese.




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