Boston Speed Dog in Roxbury (and MICE!)

The Restaurant

Boston Speed Dog
42 Newmarket Sq
Boston, MA 02228

Boston Speed Dog is located in a really dour industrial park in Roxbury, and they make some of the best, if not the best, hot dogs in the United States.

Andrew’s Take

Last week Ché revealed to me one of the true gems of the Boston area. It’s taken a while for us to do it but we finally got out to try the notorious Boston Speed Dogs. Located in a food truck in the middle of some lonely industrial park they still manage to draw quite the crowd. We sat and ate right outside the truck as droves of people came by to pick up to go orders or eat there with us. As strong as their reputation is, it’s not hard to see how some people still haven’t heard of these heavenly hot dogs.

I’ve only encountered hot dogs this big on a couple other occasions. Once at a ball park and another time at an amusement park, where giant hot dogs somehow seem fitting. Comparatively these foot long half pound bad boys look really intimidating. Size isn’t necessarily the issue here, though. For me it’s the toppings. You can get it any way you like but you haven’t had one unless it’s “loaded”. Topped with Speed’s very own mustard, relish, barbecue sauce, chilli and onions you might think it looks like a mess, but all these things combine to create a truly unique wiener. The fact that these dogs are also marinated in apple cider and brown sugar enhance the flavor to a degree that makes it obvious upon the first bite that your just not eating any hot dog. You’re eating a Speed Dog.

Make sure you stock up on your napkins cause if you dive in with none your probably going to be sticky for the rest of the day, but it will have been worth it. Make sure to also come with an appetite. I was even surprised I managed to finish mine. I’m sitting here writing this and going through the photos I took some of which have a very concerned looking Ché. One picture in particular Ché is holding the hotdog out in front of him and you can clearly see that it is as long as he is wide. Now Ché isn’t a big fella like myself but he’s still a grown damn man and that makes it sort of terrifying. Terrifyingly delicious!

So if you like hot dogs and you think you got what it takes to tackle a Speed dog I’d highly recommend getting out there sometime soon. The most ironic thing about Speed dogs is definitely the name. I know it was named after the guy who originally opened the stand thirty-so years ago but really theres no way to speedily eat theses things. I’d like to see Koboyashi tackle a pyramid of these and live to talk about it. The only really speedy thing about it is the service. So I definitely recommend going to check out Boston Speed Dogs if you get the chance cause you won’t regret it. Unless I mean if you’re like a vegetarian. Then you should probably stay far far away.


No, we’re not eating MICE, at least not yet.  Andrew and Ché are going to be at the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo this weekend, selling their new comic book about the Boston Gastronauts.  Ché will also be giving a presentation on the Underground Comics at 2:00 PM.  Not food exactly, but some sustenance for your mind.


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